Jul. 4th, 2007

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Finally got pictures of the Miata uploaded. Not captured in the photos is that the front tie bar has been pushed back far enough to bend the upper pipes of the AC condenser. The only body panels that need to be replaced are the hood and the bumper cover. The bumper itself was apparently completely missed in the collision, and is fine.

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I took the last couple of days off so I could focus on getting the 3000GT put back together. I finally got the cylinder heads back from the machine shop a week or two back, and a long weekend would give me the time needed to put it together again.

Finishing the engine assembly took me most of Friday. Saturday evening [livejournal.com profile] tshuma helped me move the engine into the car and get it mounted properly. Sunday was spent at a Sterngrove concert. Monday was full of reassembling the parts into the engine bay. Tuesday was more shopping for parts, oil filters, oil, etc, then more car assembly. Tuesday evening I started to put in oil and water, and found a water leak somewhere. had to pull the radiator and much of the air pipes back out to track it down to a loose water fitting on the front turbocharger. Fortunately, it's easy to get to, and I've become quite adept at taking the car apart. But it meant I didn't get the car assembled enough to start the engine early enough.

Wednesday morning [livejournal.com profile] tshuma and I pushed the car out of the garage, hooked up the battery, and while I held a flashlight and fire extinguisher, she started the car. We saw the expect smokes from the exhaust parts, as they started burning off the oils they'd gained during the work. But nothing else. No apparent oil leaking, no apparent water leaking. We got the hood back on, and I washed the car to rid it of 2 years accumulated dust. It's looking much better, now.

Still need to get the flat tire fixed (a damaged wheel that needs to be replaced with one of the freshly restored wheels I've had sitting in the car), get the car smogged, and get the registration updated.

But we're extremely close to having the car back into service.

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