Jan. 11th, 2007

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Happy birthday, my dear [livejournal.com profile] tshuma. You may have aged another year since your birth, but you are as always young. May you always be so at heart.
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Another visit to the dentist yesterday. A final one to replace the last 4 silver amalgam fillings with white resin fillings. They not only look vastly better, but they'll show evidence of any continued decay much easier than the silver ones will.

I'm sad that I needed so much work, but I'm very glad to have it all done. I've been quite happy with my dentist. He's not chatty, and everyone in the office is all too eager to turn on a TV for my "entertainment", but they're quite competent at their jobs. Dr. K in particular is very deft with the needles used for anesthetic, which is usually the most uncomfortable part of the procedure.

Once all the work was done, though, I still had the worst part ahead of me: lunch with half-numb face and tongue. I have be very careful, as it's incredibly easy for me to chew on my numb lip or numb tongue for a while and not notice. I was ever-so happy to have that wear off later in the evening.

But yay for having clean teeth in great shape again.


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